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Our Mission is to Find and Unlock the Hidden Value in Every Business we Help
Our services are focused on one central theme of
Value Creation.

Whether you operate a non-profit or own and operate a privately owned business, there is always hidden value just waiting to be uncovered.

Are you looking to sell your business in the next 2-5 years and want to reap the rewards of your years of hard work?

Are you in the early stages and want to build sustained value for you, your employees and your family?


We are Here to Help:


Patterson Consulting Group is here to help you succeed. We want to share in the passion you have for your operation. It doesn't matter if you run a small business or a large scale operation, we are here to meet your every need.



Our Process:


Our Process focuses on you and is tailored to your needs and your operation.

We will listen to all ideas you bring to the table and will help expand and bring them to fruition. It all begins with a conversation.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Steve S.

Thrive Group consulted with Bob on various projects that required a keen ability to synthesize complex information into some key recommendations regarding our business development activities.  Bob’s proven ability in financial oversight and leadership coupled with his significant experience, strong business acumen and professionalism gave us great confidence and provided us with an opportunity to move a number of initiatives forward.

Carmen N.

Bob's knowledge and professionalism were invigorating.  I was impressed with his work and his honesty.

Jason B.

Working with Bob has not only been rewarding, but an enjoyable experience as well.  I highly recommend.