A Consulting Company that has a
Passion for your Business

Patterson Consulting Group was established with the idea that every business should have access to a professional with experience.


In today's environment, businesses that survive and thrive are ones that are constantly creating value for their customers and their employees. If those two stakeholders are addressed, the company can begin to focus on creating value for it's owners and other stakeholders.


Our Mission

To find and unlock the hidden value in every business we help.


Supported by Our Vision of

To increase the wealth of every business owner and to help further the mission of all non-profit organizations. 


And Holding True to our Core Values







We believe that having a strong professional reputation along with a high level of work ethic will lead to your success and ours.

We are in this business to create value for you and also to create long lasting relationships that stand the test of time.


We will be successful in what we do for you...


Over 20 Years of Experience

Established to help privately owned and not-for-profit companies unlock the hidden, untapped value.


Patterson Consulting Group was established to help privately owned and not-for-profit companies unlock the hidden, untapped value they have worked so hard to create.

We are owned and operated by Bob Patterson, CPA, CA who has over 20 years of success in many industries.


While we are a small consultancy firm, our passion for growth and success in what we will do for you and your business is unmatched.


Locted in Hamilton Ontario, we are ready to assist any business in the Golden Horseshoe area with their value creation goals.



More About Bob Patterson

Bob Patterson

Bob Patterson is the President of Patterson Consulting Group. He is a CPA, CA with over 20 years of industry experience in key finance roles as well as successfully running a large multi-national organization in the construction industry. His unique combination of senior finance and operational excellence along with his ability to quickly adapt to different businesses makes him the perfect individual to lead Patterson Consulting Group in pursuit of its mission.

In addition to being an alum of a Big 4 accounting and advisory firm, Bob's experience spans both for-profit and non-profit environments. He has worked in various different industries gaining valuable experience in the retail sector, wholesale distribution, construction, long-term care, heavy equipment distribution among others.

Bob has a proven track record of increasing sales, improving margins, efficiently allocating expenditures and effectively reducing costs. However, his passion for growth and for your business is the real catalyst for success.

With a beautiful supportive family, Bob has made Hamilton, Ontario his home since 2008.

Contact him at any time to start a conversation.