Value Creation Through Our 360 Review

Regardless of which stage your business is in there is value waiting to be identified and unlocked.

1. Startup (early)

Establishing what can create value in your business

at the early stages is critical in ensuring success right from the start.

2. Growth (mid)

If your business is not growing at the pace you think it should or if you are just unhappy with recent performance. 

3. Mature (late)

Are you looking to exit your business and want to

get the most out of your years of hard work.

If your business has been negatively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and are looking for ways to quickly adapt and create sustainable value for the long-term, our services can help.

Our 360 Review Includes

  • Identifying your business' current reality
  • Identify Where the Hidden Value Lies
  • Identify Initiatives and Strategies To Free That Value
  • Prioritization Process
  • Develop a Plan to execute, monitor and measure success including accountability structure
  • At every stage continued collaboration with owners, management and employees help create buy-in across the organization.
360 review1



Far too often, when consultants are used, companies are left with a plan and then have to fend for themselves when executing.  At Patterson Consulting Group, we do not want to leave you with a plan if your business is not equipped to execute it.  If your operation does not have the capacity or knowledge to execute the plan, we will stick with you through the that phase for as long as you like.  Ultimately, you and your organization needs to run with the plan and reap the rewards of your hard work.


Value Creation is chemistry for a business. Maybe only one small aspect needs to be addressed to have a significant positive reaction.

If a 360 Review is too much and you only need assistance with a particular aspect of creating value for your business, we can help:

 1. Revenue Generation Strategies

2. Product Contribution Analysis

3. Effective Management Reporting

4. Efficient Allocation of Expenses

You do not have to work on any of this by yourself. Let Patterson Consulting Group help identify the areas that need attention.