Announcing Patterson Consulting Group Ltd.



Today, I am extremely excited to announce the launch of Patterson Consulting Group Ltd.!  


Patterson Consulting Group Ltd. was established to assist privately held companies and non-profit organizations create value.  It is as simple as that.  Our mission at Patterson Consulting Group is to find and unlock the hidden value in every business we help.  


We believe we can do this if we adhere to our Core Values of Passion, Integrity and Professionalism while approaching every engagement in a friendly manner.  We want to share in the passion you have for your business while we work together with you, the owner, or your management team in creating value in what you do.  


With businesses of all types and sizes being impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, now is the perfect time for you to take a detailed 360 Review of your business to see where your next opportunities lie. 


Bob Patterson, the President and Founder of the Patterson Consulting Group Ltd. has the ideal combination of financial acumen paired with operational excellence and a proven track record of creating value in business through challenging times.  As a CPA, CA, Bob has over 20 years of senior finance experience, including over 4 years of leading a $70M+ CDN national metal building supply company to record performance through very rocky times that included steel tariffs, labour shortages and significant freight related challenges.  


Our 360 Review of your business may include:

  • Reviewing all financial statements and trends for previous years
  • Developing an estimate of the value for your business
  • Reviewing your product portfolio, including margin analysis
  • Strategic Conversations with key staff members and other employees
  • Reviewing sales structures including variable compensation agreements and alignment with sales goals
  • Assessment of current management reporting and metrics used in decision making
  • Identification of key Value Creation initiatives and priorities
  • Execution of initiatives
  • Estimates of future business value
  • And more


The 360 Review is also perfect for those looking to sell their business in the next 2-5 years.  If you are a business owner and want to reap the rewards of all your hard work, the time to start planning that transition is NOW.  Business Value takes time to create and if you want to show consistency in your value creation efforts you need to start building a track record of growth now. 


 If a comprehensive 360 Review of your business is not required or if you have more immediate specific needs like cash flow issues, short-term high level finance or operational staffing shortages or any other immediate need we are here to bring our passion to your business.  Let Patterson Consulting Group help.  All it takes is a conversation.  With no obligations, contact us and share your passion.    


A little more about Patterson Consulting Group: 


 Patterson Consulting Group ( was founded by Bob Patterson to help create value for you and your business.  We are primarily focused on small to medium sized businesses up to $100M in revenues, including non-profit organizations.  Our goal is to look at all aspects of a business operation and to develop initiatives that create long-term sustainable value.  Whether your business has been impacted negatively by Covid-19, whether you’re frustrated by your business’ lack of growth, new opportunities have presented themselves or if you’re selling your business in the next 2 to 5 years, our 360 Review is an ideal way to get back on track, take advantage of the opportunities or financially maximize your years of hard work. 


While we are also focused on growing our own business over time and creating value by adding services and professionals as demand warrants, we are starting by staying close to our founder’s roots where he has a track record of success.  If you think our services can help you, contact us now and let’s talk!   


 A little more about Bob: 


Bob received his CPA, CA designation in 2000 after articling at a Big 4 accounting and advisory firm and has since worked in many sectors and industries gaining valuable experience that can assist you in your business.  These industries include retail, wholesale, heavy equipment distribution, long-term care, amateur athletics and others.  Most recently, he was responsible for leading a $70M+ CDN multi-national metal building company through extremely challenging times to its most successful period in its 157-year history. 


Bob has made Hamilton, Ontario his home for the last 12 years where he spends most of his free time with his wife and two boys, volunteering for their sports teams when he can.

November 10, 2020